Kingfisher Castleconnell

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Irish Time Supliment 2010 - Guerin's, Castleconnell.

People have been trying to recreate the Irish pub for decades: temples of repro and tat selling Oirishness, here and abroad. You can't recreate a proper Irish pub, they just happen. It's a magical combination. Part fishing shop, no two chairs or tables here are alike, and year-round Christmas lights and a roaring fire make it perennially welcoming. Home to serious trad, candle-lit record launches and stand-up, but most importantly it is home to Paddy and Mary Guerin - warm but affectionate, a little eccentric and definitely Irish. Recreate that.

Writer of Angela's Ashes, the late Frank McCourts brothers & company, visiting Guerins Bar

The launching of Kingfishers Angling Club boats.

'The Irish Pub' by Turtle Bunbury & James Fennell

The Limerick Leader